Moslem Praying space at Namdaemun market

17 November 2017,

During our visit to Namdaemun Market in Seoul, We realize praying time for Ashr almost expire, so We looking for praying space/praying place around this area, instead of go back to hotel.

We ask to Tourist information center near Hoehyeon station. in this touist information center We found that, for praying space We can use room in community lounge for pray.

tourist information in Namdaemun market

the community lounge located around 3 block from tourist information center, and its in 3rd floor.

Community Lounge building in 3rd floor

if you want to use praying space in community lounge, you need to inform PIC (person in charge) in tourist information, then, She/He will call community lounge to prepare the room for pray.

community lounge in Namdaemun market.

actually the room for praying is used for another purpose (for lunch), but if somebody require praying space, they will prepare for pray.

praying space in community lounge

in this community lounge they have Qibla direction and praying rug.

after We finsih our Salah, We looking around this community lounge, in this community lounge you can borrow Hanbok for free and take a photo in good background.

background for taking foto



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