Prayer place for Moslem in Tokyo Disney Sea

December 2017

During our visit to Tokyo Disney sea, We’ve wonder where We can pray (Salah). We already googling, but We only found one place near electric manager room, but that place is not found. luckly We found one comment which inform, that instead of that place, We can ask to customer relation.

customer relation office is easy to reach, this place is near the big globe near the exit or entrance gate


Big globe near entrance/exit gate

from big globe you can found red door office, that is the customer relation office


Guest relation office

you can ask the staff in guest relation, about the praying room, but due to this place not actual praying room, sometimes We need to wait if somebody or group uses that room. my last experience when ask the praying room, I need to wait 1 hour before Me and My friends can uses that room for praying. so better to go there as early as possible (after Dzuhur time, not after Ashr).


prayer space in guest relation office

This place actually like normal guest room, so if We need space for praying, we need to shift the chair.

take a foto after praying (cheers)



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